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Frequently asked questions

Who is the target group of WOOD TEC VALUE?

WOOD TEC VALUE addresses to all customers who want to know the value of a used woodworking machine that is up for sale. That might be wood-processing companies or machinery dealers, as well as leasing companies, recyclers or insolvency administrators.

How does the market price calculation work?

The calculation of the market prices is based on the experiences of the company Höchsmann in purchasing and selling comparable machines of the same model.

What costs arise when valuating and selling my machine?

None. Valuations on WOOD TEC VALUE are free and not binding. Even for consultation, marketing and searching a buyer no additional costs arise.

Is there a price guarantee?

No, the automatically calculated prices are not binding. But on request we will gladly send you a binding offer, taking all facts into consideration that might influence the price.

Is there a cooperating with a manufacturer?

No, Höchsmann is working manufacturer-independent.

Why can't the producer or model of my machine be found?

WOOD TEC VALUE knows more than 25000 models of woodworking machines. However, it is possible that the model of your machine is not in our database. In this case please just send us your information and request an individual valuation.

Why are my personal details required?

We need your contact details for two reasons: On the one hand, we want to make sure that the users of WOOD TEC VALUE are serious customers. On the other hand, we want to guarantee a smooth operation when selling your machine.

Of course your data will be treated confidentially and it will not be given to third parties.