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Your user profile

In order to use the full functionality of WOOD TEC VALUE a login is required. The registration of a user account is made once and it's free of charge. Once you registred, you may use all services of Höchsmann - including e.g. the participation in auctions on WOOD TEC AUCTION. If you already have a user account, you can login with these data.

My valuations

All valuations you performed are being saved in your user account. You can find them by clicking on "My account" / "My valuations". You decide whether and when you offer us one of your valuated machines for sale or if you wish to delete your valuation.

Demo mode

You may use WOOD TEC VALUE even without logging in. In the demo mode there are three different models available for valuation. Get your market price calculated and convince yourself of the easy usage of WOOD TEC VALUE.